gearheadgirl (gearheadgirl) wrote in dudetheresmycar,

2002 Ford Focus for sale

My boyfriend's trying to sell his car quick! If you know anyone at all that's interested please get in touch.

Yellow 2002 Ford Focus zx5
22,307 miles
Premium sound
$8,200 OBO
Denver, CO

Call 720.933.4396 (ask for Dan) or email me with any questions (tiffanyw at timecentre dot net)
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i had a yellow 2003 zx5....and wrecked it a few weeks back.

h&r race springs on koni adjustable shocks
Rota Formells wrapped in Toyo RA-1's
full borla exhaust
sparco fighter seat for the driver

and had a bunch of other shit ready for it.....then i wrecked it :D.